Awakeman #15: Washing

Awakeman! Comic

This text used to be white, like my bleached tastebuds.


Awakeman #15.

Panel 1

A person is standing next to a basket of clothes to wash.

PERSON: Let’s do the washing.


Panel 2

The person empties the basket into the Acme Washing Machine 5000! We know that it is Acme-brand, and also that it is the Washing Machine 5000! model because somebody wrote this in large letters on the front of the machine. It is a top-loader, but this was evident from the fact that the person was emptying the basket from above, and not from the side.

Panel 3

The machine is washing and vibrating! Slosh, slosh, spin.

The person is holding an electric guitar, plugged into the washing machine.

NARRATOR: This makes no sense to me, either.