Awakeman #25: Tipping Appreciated

Awakeman! Comic


Awakeman! No 25.

Panel 1

Awakeman holds up the Ducky, and asks a question to Science Jesus:

AWAKEMAN: So what does this do?

DUCKY: Quack!

Panel 2

NARRATOR: A considerable time later…

Science Jesus stands in front of a whiteboard covered in mathematical nonsense, hands in coat pockets, facing to the right.

SCIENCE JESUS: That’s the basic theory. Any questions?

AWAKEMAN: No! No. No questions, no questions ever again. Ever.

Panel 3

Awakeman is sitting on a chair behind the Ducky, which is on a stool. Both are facing toward the left.

SCIENCE JESUS: Oh. Pity. I thought you’d at least ask for the bill.

A miniature storm cloud then materialises over Awakeman’s head, from which miniature lightning bolts down.