Awakeman! #30: Caring is Quitting

Awakeman! Comic

The first rule of politics club is trust me, I’m trustworthy and wouldn’t lie about the first rule of politics club.


Awakeman! No. 30.

Panel 1

Awakeman and Alamore continue their conversation about the town council, Major Condiment and Library Wizard.


ALAMORE: So, we kick them out.

AWAKEMAN: But how?

ALAMORE: By the book. Legitimately.

AWAKEMAN (thinking to themself): That’s a relief.

Panel 2

AWAKEMAN (off panel): What do you mean?

ALAMORE (off panel): We hold a secret town meeting and vote them out. Not actually secret, we just “forget” to invite them, and stack the rest of the votes.

We see a General Notice of the form published in the classifieds section of a newspaper. It reads: “SEEKRUT TOWN MEETING - Sept 31, 7pm. Don’t tell Maj. Condiment or Libr. Wizard. Free refreshments.”

ALAMORE: Then we just need one more thing…someone to elect!

Panel 3

AWAKEMAN: Wh–oh no. Me? No.

ALAMORE: Who better?


ALAMORE: Don’t you care?

AWAKEMAN: Caring is why I resigned in protest!