Awakeman! #36: G.L.

Awakeman! Comic

Where would we be without phones?


Awakeman! No. 36

Panel 1

It’s suddently pitch black.

AWAKEMAN: Drat, now the power’s out?

NARRATION: Trapped in a dark, sudden library, Awakeman reflects

Awakeman pulls out their phone, and activates the torchlight.

Panel 2

Awakeman wanders around, the light from their phone illuminating the way. There’s a spiderweb, more stacks of books, more rectangular shelving.

AWAKEMAN: I guess the power feed got crushed by all the books.

Awakeman enters an area with a large brick wall, and a puddle on the floor, making a splish noise as they walk through.

AWAKEMAN: This is all because I exiled Condiment,

AWAKEMAN: Isn’t it.

Panel 3

Awakeman spots a book on a dusty mantlepiece. The spine is labelled “GL”.

AWAKEMAN: Wait… “G.L.?”

AWAKEMAN (thinking): “General Ledger?”

The phone starts ringing. Awakeman answers, leaving the torch on.


A faint pop noise heralds something happening in the gloom, but Awakeman doesn’t notice it.

AWAKEMAN: Hellooo…