Awakeman! #45: Stop

Awakeman! Comic


Awakeman! No 45

Panel 1

The robed figure who was around when Awakeman woke up, appears behind them, and grasps Awakeman by the shoulders.

ROBED ONE: |⟍>◹⚬⚬ ᔀ>Ґ•⟍ ᒬ> >∟⟍ ⟍┼⟋⟔⟋⚬⚬

Panel 2

Wrapping a robed arm around Awakeman’s shoulders, the robed one pulls Awakeman away from the guards.

ROBED ONE: ┘⟍•| Ґ>⟍ |<⊤⟋

AWAKEMAN (thinking): This one again…

They walk off as the guards resume standing easy.

Panel 3

The guards gaze off into the distance.

GUARD 1: ╚┼<⟍ ╚<| ⟍┼<⟍ <Ṇ>∟⟍⊚