Awakeman! #47: Doorway

Awakeman! Comic


Awakeman! No. 47

Panel 1


The robed figure who shut Awakeman in a room walks away.

ROBED ONE (to themselves): |┘┌┌ᒲ |⟍⟔<Ґᒬ⟋⟔⚬

They approach another door, this one flat and blank except for the circular handle. Next to the door is a sign with the words ⟍⟋┌⟋◹>⟔⟍ ┌<Ṇ and some kind of electronic lock.

ROBED ONE (thinking): Ṇ⟋⟍⟍⟋⟔ ᒬ⟋⟍ Ṇ<ܠ┐ ⟍> ⟍┼⟋ ┌<Ṇ⚬

Panel 2

The robed one searches their pockets for something.

Then searches their sleeves–apparently a useful place to store small items.

Scratching their hooded head, confusion sets in.


The robed one thinks of the missing item, which looks like a white card with a black stripe.

ROBED ONE (thinking): ╚┼⟋⟔⟋ ᔀ┘ᔀ ┘ ◹∟⟍ ∫ᒲ |╚┘◹⟋ ܠ<⟔ᔀ⊚

Panel 3

While the robed one keeps pondering outside the blank door, they shimmer and disappear with a ꜋>◹⚬⚬