Awakeman! #48: Late

Awakeman! Comic


Awakeman! No. 48

Panel 1

The scene is now some kind of laboratory. On top of a circular platform with wires out the side, the first Robed Character shimmers back into existence, in exactly the same pose as the previous comic. Another Robed Character, holding a rectangular device, looks at the one that just appeared.


Panel 2

ROBED CHARACTER, THE FIRST: |>⟔⟔ᒲ⚬ ┌>|⟍ ∫ᒲ <ܠܠ⟋|| ܠ<⟔ᔀ⚬

The other looks downcast, with a small, frowning cloud starts raining over their head. They then abruptly turn and start walking.

ROBED CHARACTER 2: ܠ>∫⟋ ⟍┼┘| ╚<ᒲ⚬

The first steps off the platform and follows.

Panel 3

The two approach a drafting table with a document on it.

ROBED CHARACTER 2: >∟⟔ ᒬ∟⟋|⟍ Ṇ⟔>∟ᒬ┼⟍ ⟍┼┘| |ܠ┼⟋∫<⟍┘ܠ⚬

We see, from behind the two robed characters’ heads, glimpses of a detailed schematic.

ROBED CHARACTER 2: ╚⟋•⟔⟋ ⨥∟|⟍ ᔀ>Ґ⟋ ᔀ⟋ܠ>ᔀ┘Ґᒬ ⟍┼⟋ >ᔀᔀ ┌<Ґᒬ∟<ᒬ⟋⚬