Awakeman! #50: Communication

Awakeman! Comic


Awakeman! No. 50

Panel 1

Awakeman sits in the cell and reads the Corolla repair manual, for something to do.

AWAKEMAN (muttering): Wiring… fuses…

Outside, two of the robed people are finishing a discussion, with one walking towards the cell dor.

ROBED PERSON A: ∫<┐⟋ |∟⟔⟋ ⟍┼⟋ᒲ•⟔⟋ |⟍┘┌┌ <┌┘דּ⟋


Panel 2

The door clicks. Startled, Awakeman hides the book behind them, and then the door opens.

Panel 3

ROBED PERSON B: ᒲ>∟ >┐<ᒲ⊚

Awakeman curls up a bit.

AWAKEMAN (thinking): Sounds like a question… How to communicate?