Awakeman! #57: Christmas Special 2016

Awakeman! Comic

And a happy new year!


Awakeman! No: 57 [Xmas Special]

Panel 1

PLEIADES: <Buckle up, Awakeman,>

Awakeman sits at a schooldesk, listening to Pleiades.

PLEIADES: <I’ll tell you a story sure to grind your gears.

Panel 2

PLEIADES: <Our woes began when [insult] was elected Emperor of the World!>

AWAKEMAN: <Wait, who is [in–

PLEIADES: <Ancient history. Anyway, the government convinced everyone we were “undesirable,” and one by one were exiled here:

Panel 3

PLEIADES: The desert castle, “Pillars-of-Salt.” I don’t get the name.

Pleiades has drawn on a whiteboard a diagram, with a castle icon in the centre of a circle, and stick figures moving toward it.

PLEIADES: We, uh, “took over,” and created our own society,

Panel 4

PLEIADES: “The Order of the Sidewinder” (that one is inspired by the native snake)

(A picture of a snake.)

PLEIADES: and held strong together.

Panel 5

PLEIADES: To keep us here, we were deprived of resources,

Inside another diagrammatic circle, with arrows sticking outwards, there is a couple of hooded people–one is cradling a baby.

PLEIADES: and surrounded with a horrid Anti-Portal Field.

Panel 6

PLEIADES: It also shreds any organic compounds that try to walk out.

(A splatter of blood.)

Panel 7

PLEIADES: <We did not give up hope, but relied on our wits. We used our meagre provisions to do more portal research, to find a flaw.>

One of the Order stands outside a door, that we can now read: “Teleport Lab”, fumbling with their sleeves.

THAT ONE: <Lost my access card again!>

Panel 8


Panel 9

PLEIADES: <Merry Christmas!>

Awakeman folds, head onto desk.

AWAKEMAN: Buuuuhuhu…