Awakeman #8: Dictionary time

Awakeman! Comic

The plural is in fact “moose.”


Awakeman #8.

Panel 1

The conversation with Alamore seems to be reaching a natural conclusion.

AWAKEMAN: Awesome. Listen, I reckon I’ll go home, get some sleep, and then deal with it.

ALAMORE: Oh no you don’t!

Panel 2

Cut to a Fork Moose. We, the audience, know it’s a Fork Moose because there is a conveniently-placed sign on a pole sticking out of the ground saying “Fork Moose” pointing directly at the Fork Moose. The Fork Moose itself, walking slowly around the grassy field, has three-pronged forks for antlers, hooves, and also seemingly painted on its side.

ALAMORE (narrating): In the next three hours, Science Jesus will have bred enough Fork Moose to annex Bruny Island!

Panel 3

Cut back to the conversation. Awakeman ponders yet another thing.

AWAKEMAN: Wow…. Hey, isn’t the plural of ‘moose’ supposed to be ‘meese?’

ALAMORE: Wrong again, Watson…