Permalink link Published 21 December 2008

A Rude Awakening

Awakeman! comic

This is it, guys, strip #1! Where it all began! Seekruts: I drew this one in pencil!

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    Panel 1

    Title: Awakeman! (The comic). Number 1.

    A mighty KABOOM! rings out.

    Awakeman gasps and sits up in bed.

    AWAKEMAN: Oh my!

    Panel 2

    Awakeman runs in from the left.

    AWAKEMAN: Quickly, Long Cat! There is–

    Something makes a loud BANG!

    AWAKEMAN: –SCIENCE to be done!

    Long Cat is stretching into panel 3.

    Panel 3

    Awakeman continues running from the left to the right, huffing and panting.

    NARRATOR: EVIL is afoot! Will Awakeman get to his secret lab in time?? Find out next time (whenever that will be).