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Awakeman! comic


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    Panel 1

    Awakeman sits at their desk. Today’s motivational poster shows “Mountains”. The phone rings.

    Close up of Awakeman on the phone.

    AWAKEMAN: Hello?

    MAJOR CONDIMENT (through phone): Hello, Mayor Awakeman.

    Panel 2

    MAJOR CONDIMENT (through phone): What is large, heavy, inconvenient for you, extensive, valuable, and rhymes with…“counterrevolutionary”?

    Awakeman stands from the office chair.

    AWAKEMAN: Is this a joke, Major?

    Panel 3

    MAJOR CONDIMENT (through phone): “Spontaneous library.”

    The phone call ends. A loud FFFSSHHH… hisses an entire library into manifestly undeniable existance in Awakeman’s office. There are several very large metal cabinets labelled as “Stacks”, and piles of books everywhere, including the top of Awakeman’s head.

    AWAKEMAN: Crud! …

    AWAKEMAN: Really is a wizard!