Permalink link Published 20 August 2016

Stop! Question time

Awakeman! comic

So many questions, but are any of them even important?

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman and the hooded character enter a room.

    ROBED ONE (palm facing outward): |⟍>◹⚬

    The robed one then points down, Awakeman’s gaze following.

    ROBED ONE: |⟍<ᒲ⚬

    The robed one locks the door behind them. Awakeman is alone.

    Panel 2

    Awakeman sits on the floor cross-legged.

    AWAKEMAN: Hmmmmm

    AWAKEMAN: I have no idea.

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN (thinking): I just have no idea. Who are these people? Why did they take me in? Where am I? How do I get home? Or make the hooded ones let me leave this place? And where’s my stuff, phone, Ducky?

    AWAKEMAN (still thinking): Oh, oh no. I just remembered Science Jesus is dead.

    AWAKEMAN (still thinking): How? Why? Who killed him? Why they’re after me? The painting?