Permalink link Published 10 May 2009

brb, phone lol

Awakeman! comic

This comic was brought to you by eight hours of editing an endless voiceover take for Day of the Tiki.

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    Panel 1

    Back to the conversation in the grassy field between Awakeman and Science Jesus.

    SCIENCE JESUS: Don’t believe me? I have lots of evidence to show!

    Science Jesus grasps the conical flask.

    AWAKEMAN: Oh yeah?

    SCIENCE JESUS: Yeah. Come follow me…

    Panel 2

    Close up of Science Jesus gesticulating dramatically with the flask. The hand of Science Jesus holding the flask with the liquid sloshing about briefly looks like the logo of a startup as Science Jesus waves it through a barely-perceptible circle that somehow got drawn there.

    SCIENCE JESUS: To the SECRET LAB! (Dot com) Ha ha!

    Panel 3

    NARRATOR: Suddenly, at the residence of the artist slash writer…

    A phone on a table to the left rings. The artist slash writer sits on a office chair at a desk with a computer and flat-panel monitor next to a window.

    ARTIST SLASH WRITER: Wow, the Shameless Self-Promotion Police are still awake!