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Awakeman! comic

Next up: Captain Left Outer Join and Science Jesus’s Disappearing Painting of the Letter W

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    Panel 1

    NARRATOR: At a point after the exhibition of said evidence…

    Cut back to the conversation between Awakeman and Science Jesus, which apparently continued indoors. Awakeman and Science Jesus are standing either side of a painting of the letter W hung on the wall.

    AWAKEMAN: Right. Somebody must do something!

    Panel 2

    The painting shown in panel 1 is conspicuously absent from this panel.

    SCIENCE JESUS: But what? We need to break into a highly-secure database.

    AWAKEMAN: I know just the guy…

    Panel 3

    NARRATOR: That evening…


    Cut again to a caped, begoggled figure posing dramatically, near to another office chair and desk with a computer on it.

    CAPTAIN LEFT-OUTER JOIN: I am Captain Left-Outer Join! Their puny systems are no match for my superior intellect!

    NARRATOR: You all knew it was coming…