Permalink link Published 4 January 2016

The Event

Awakeman! comic

Happy 2016!

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    Panel 1

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): It was another ordinary day…

    View of a computer screen. It is showing a website called TwitWire.

    NEWS TWITS: 22 Passengers spontaneou–(cut off by right side of panel)–from 747 mid-flight

    POINTY-HAIRED WINGNUT: The PM is a bozo! It’s very unbecoming

    NEKOFAN: LOOK AT THIS PUPPY OMG OMG OMG http://icanhaspuppys –(cut off)

    BUSINOOSE: $108 million gone… maybe phone bleaching will nev–(cut off)

    Panel 2

    Awakeman ponders their phone, which has lit up with a notification, next to the desk with Mac Classic and beneath a high-up shelf hap-hazardously supporting 20 books.

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): I was just an ordinary stick-figure in a mediocre absurdist comic.

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): I never asked for this.

    Awakeman’s phone screen. On the status bar at the top it displays full signal from the BANANATEL network, the time 9:41, the Wi-Fi indicator, and a roughly half-charged battery. Beneath the status bar is the notification: a message.

    MESSAGE: SCIENCE J: You won’t believe this one weird message!!: I detected an event!!!! 😆