Permalink link Published 9 January 2016

The Missing Painting of the Letter W

Awakeman! comic

Lettering is fun. Science J should just hit me up for another painting.

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    Panel 1

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): I went to Science Jesus’s place with great vigour.

    Awakeman and Science Jesus, who for some reason are now more crisply visible than seen in previous conversations, stand comfortably apart.

    AWAKEMAN: Your doorman is as surly as ever.

    SCIENCE JESUS: Nevermind him! The Event! This way!

    Panel 2

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): Now… “The Event” could mean any number of things. Science Jesus has an awful lot of irons in various fires of scientific inquiry.

    A strange antenna-like structure towers from the roof of Science Jesus’s abode, connected to a box making beep boop noises. The box, Awakeman, and Science Jesus are dwarfed by the structure. On the right is the port-hole that Awakeman and Science Jesus just climbed out of.

    AWAKEMAN (narrating): But this?

    Panel 3

    Science Jesus again waves wildly while explaining.


    SCIENCE JESUS: This machine! Detected! The! Event! … Trace radiation! From my priceless artifact:

    SCIENCE JESUS and NARRATOR together: The Missing Painting of the letter “W!”

    MACHINE: boop!

    (Awakeman brings a hand to their face as they admire the masterfully-drawn lettering, and also the way it was used as both the narration and the dialogue simultaneously.)