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Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    NARRATOR: Soon…

    Science Jesus and Awakeman are standing either side of a table.

    SCIENCE JESUS: Here it is!

    At a glance, the thing on the table looks like a rubber duck, of the variety usually found near bathtubs.

    Panel 2

    Close up of the duck.

    Its round head radiates golden light all around, piercing the heavens. Its cute plastic bill smirks, and yet has devoured countless unseen stars of the galaxy. Its goofy-looking eye stares in the black void of your wretched soul, yet sees, percieves nothing. You try to compose yourself, but the existential awe and terror gripping your entire being upon looking at this adorable rubber duckie forces a momentary outward gasp. You try to breathe, but nothing in your body moves. You are transfixed now, beyond rescue, beyond help.

    Ducky is here.

    Panel 3


    Awakeman, vein throbbing in their head, seems unamused.

    DUCKY: Quack!