Permalink link Published 23 January 2016

Stay Awake!

Awakeman! comic

Tracking devices are delicate and have tiny components, and require only the most awesome tools to make.

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman and Science Jesus continue the conversation.

    AWAKEMAN: You’re asking me for help finding your missing “W”?


    AWAKEMAN: You’re normally a lot more… aloof about such things.


    Panel 2

    Awakeman sits on a stool at a small table with a mug at the other end.

    AWAKEMAN: Why now? It went missing, what, 5 years ago?

    SCIENCE JESUS (from Panel 3): Missing since August 2009. I have reason to believe it was stolen.

    Panel 3

    Science Jesus is wearing a welder’s mask in addition to the usual lab coat, and is holding a gas-powered torch at a workbench. The workbench has some sprockets on it.

    AWAKEMAN (from Panel 2): What do you need me to do?

    SCIENCE JESUS: You’ll help? Awesome! I’ll whip up a tracking device so you can hunt “W” down. Also, stay awake!