Permalink link Published 27 February 2016

Ask Awakeman 1

Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    Awakeman sits at a desk. To the left are some shelves with two books on top. On the desk sits an ornamental globe of the earth, a piece of paper, and some reading glasses. To the right is a palm plant. On the wall behind Awakeman hangs a large picture of Mt Fuji.

    AWAKEMAN: Hello, and welcome to the first episode of “Ask Awakeman”! I’m your host, Awakeman.

    Panel 2

    A picture of a bearded wizard appears on the right.

    AWAKEMAN: Our first question is from Library Wizard, who asks:

    Awakeman puts on the reading glasses and reads off the paper.

    AWAKEMAN (quoting Library Wizard): “Dear Awakeman, the following items are overdue…”

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: Ha! First episode, first crank-mail!

    AWAKEMAN: Seriously. Why would a “wizard” not simply “magic” the books back?

    To drive the point, Awakeman gestures like a conjurer.