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Awakeman! comic


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    Panel 1

    Awakeman and Alamore are still talking in the park.

    AWAKEMAN: I have a lot of important projects on at the moment, Alamore.

    ALAMORE: Like what? Finding some stupid painting?

    AWAKEMAN: OK, touché.

    ALAMORE: This is much more important to everybody!

    Panel 2

    ALAMORE (not pictured): As you know, after most of the city council resigned, only Major Condiment and Library Wizard remained in power.

    The panel shows Major Condiment and Library Wizard. Major condiment is wearing a military-style cap and jacket with epaulettes, and a prominent medal pinned on his right. Library Wizard is wearing a pointy hat and signature scruffy cloak.

    ALAMORE (continuing): But it was they who were the root cause of all the misery, with their bean-counting, bureaucratic red tape stubbornness. They don’t understand the town folk at all!

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: Didn’t we award Major/Mayor Condiment a medal for services to the town?

    ALAMORE: Yes–that’s how you let someone know that it’s time to shuffle over for someone new.

    AWAKEMAN (in a tiny thought bubble): wat