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Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    Awakeman is still in the dark, but now talking on the phone, to…

    ALAMORE (through phone): Awakeman! You took a long time to say anything, I was about to hang up.

    Alamore is speaking from the pedestal into a phone handset suspended by the curly cord from somewhere up near the ceiling.

    ALAMORE: Where are you? You aren’t in your office and I can’t tell if you are ignoring my emails and texts.

    AWAKEMAN: Checking my emails? I’ve just had an enormous library dumped on me by Library Wizard!

    ALAMORE: Well you really ought to call me when these things happen! I mean, you’re strong and smart,

    Panel 2

    ALAMORE (continuing): but I have some          abilities that would, frankly, scare you, they scare even me sometimes, I knew you were in trouble so I just had to call you right away, that’s the sort of thing I’m talking about.


    ALAMORE: Right? Anyway, I can help you get out of that place you know that. It is just like I was saying about that nasty couple that did this, it’s just awful to dump all

    Panel 3

    The text from Alamore’s speech bubble surrounds Awakeman in the darkness, densifying towards the bottom.

    ALAMORE (continuing): of a massive library on our heads or something just as vindictive, it’s cruel, and what exactly do they think we’ll do with it, the snivelling pari of them deserve worse than exile now. It just goes to show that getting rid of them was the right thing to do and I just want to say, between you and I, that I was right. You know I got a Facebook message the other day, well you would if you used it but it was basically saying how she thought it was so good to have Condiment gone from Town Hall ,she said she would consider helping with the tourism effort now he is gone because she feels that doing it for Condiment was like recruiting victims for some weird cult, I frankly couldn’t put it better that that it was a cult of his twisted personality, he was such a narcissistic prick, and he should have been given the flick so long ago, you were around then why didn’t you act? I would have but…