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Ask Awakeman 2

Awakeman! comic

The bar was already so low.

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman is sitting at a desk, facing the audience, arms meeting on the desk.

    AWAKEMAN: Welcome viewers to the second thrilling episode of “Ask Awakeman!”

    Awakeman waves to the left.

    AWAKEMAN: I’m your host, Awakeman.

    Camera changes to include both Awakeman, and a TV displaying a generic person icon and the text “No picture given”. Awakeman has put on glasses and reads from a sheet of paper.

    AWAKEMAN: Today’s question comes from Mr A. Aloe, who did not include a picture, but writes:

    Panel 2

    Side-on shot of Awakeman at the desk, being aired on TV, and a camera-person with a headset operating a TV camera.

    AWAKEMAN: “Dear Mr Aw–” Okay, gonna stop you right there. I’m genderless, and “Mr” doesn’t suit me. Just use “Awakeman.”

    Shot returns to front-on.

    AWAKEMAN: I’m glad that you at least understand “Awakeman” is just my name. I’m not some superhero! So thumbs up for that. Anyhoo…

    Awakeman makes a thumb-up gesture.

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: “Dear ‘Mr’ Awakeman, I need your super-hero abilit——

    AWAKEMAN: Oh come on.

    Another thundercloud manifests itself over Awakeman as they head-desk live on TV, making a thud. The face of the abstract icon on the inner picture is now a trollface.