Permalink link Published 14 May 2016

Out of battery

Awakeman! comic

A modern horror story. The phone with a flat battery is also a metaphor.

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    Panel 1

    NARRATOR: Back in the dark library

    The whole panel is an empty battery, as would be shown on a phone with no battery charge, as well as a power plug icon and an electricity icon.

    Panel 2

    In the blackness, Awakeman looks at the phone in their hand.

    PHONE: Boop-boop-boop

    The phone screen turns off.

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN (thinking): I don’t know if I should be happy or sad.

    Awakeman starts slumping against a wall.

    AWAKEMAN (aloud): I guess I am neither.

    Awakeman sits low in the darkness, on the left. On the right there is a small duck.

    DUCKY: Quack