Permalink link Published 19 January 2009


Awakeman! comic

Yowza! So why does Alamore have a portal in his ceiling?

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman holds the comically large banana handset to the side of their head.

    AWAKEMAN: Hello?

    Panel 2

    ZAP! Awakeman screams while falling into a strange curly phenomenon.


    Panel 3

    Awakeman has fallen out of a swirly black portal on the ceiling from some height to the floor, where he’s in a neat pile of pieces of himself. There is a sign saying “Portal.” pointing at the portal. Nearby, Alamore, a shapely white bird, is sitting on a perch.

    AWAKEMAN: Oh, hey Alamore. Possible to, oh, I dunno… put me back together?

    ALAMORE: Let me get my hot glue gun.