Permalink link Published 25 June 2016

Just Deserts

Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    Awakeman exits the library exit door, carrying a book – the mysterious “G.L.” – and holds a hand up to shield their eyes from the bright light outside.

    Awakeman walks.

    And walks.

    And walks some more.

    AWAKEMAN: Where am I?

    Panel 2

    Awakeman crouches down to scoop up…

    AWAKEMAN: Pure white sand?

    They look around.

    AWAKEMAN: Dunes?

    Panel 3

    Awakeman continues to walk –


    With a sharp CRACK!, Awakeman hits their head on something totally invisible, dropping the book.

    AWAKEMAN: Ow, ow…

    Rubbing their head, an outline of the large, hard obstruction begins to form in Awakeman’s vision. It’s a castle!