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Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    NARRATOR: Meanwhile…

    Two goons, one dressed in an oversized T-shirt, the other in a polo shirt, are standing next to one another. Both the t-shirt and the polo shirt are emblazoned with a large letter “A”, reminiscent of Alvin the Chipmunk. The polo shirt one is holding a smoking gun pointed to the right, where there is a large CENSORED rectangle.

    Polo Shirt lowers the gun. Just then, T-Shirt’s phone rings. (The CENSORED rectangle re-titles itself as a YE GODS! rectangle.)

    Panel 2

    T-SHIRT GOON: Yo, mum–

    T-SHIRT GOON: –yeah

    T-SHIRT GOON: Yeah, it’s–

    Becoming visibly agitated, the goon in the t-shirt starts rapidly talking down the line.

    T-SHIRT GOON: Yes we did it and yes we will clean up and yes we left no fingerprints or DNA and yes Albert is in position at the docks to hide the body. God!

    The call is ended emphatically with a click.

    Panel 3

    (The CENSORED rectangle now reads THAT IS QUITE A LOT OF BLOOD.)

    The pair of goons stare briefly at the scene of carnage. T-Shirt presses a few buttons on their phone.

    With a spectacular POP! the area that was CENSORED vanishes.