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Awakeman! comic

Note: Angle brackets denotes translation.

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman sits on a bench, arm in a sling. One of the Order looks over a clipboard. There is an x-ray image on a lightbox on the wall between them.

    ORDER DOCTOR: <Well, it’s your arm…>

    Panel 2

    Outside the medical room, Awakeman has a friend waiting.

    ORDER FRIEND: <Friend!>

    AWAKEMAN: <Hello, Pleiades.>

    Aha, so we, the audience, finally learn one of their names! It’s Pleiades! About freakin’ time, Josh.

    Pleiades hunches down to take a closer look at the slinged arm, stroking their chin in thought.

    PLEIADES: <Hmm. We won’t get the car done with your arm like that.>

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: <I just want to go home. Who cares about a car when you have–> how to say… <–Holes? Air doorway?>

    PLEIADES: <You have no idea!>