Permalink link Published 22 February 2009

Who else?

Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    The conversation continues.

    AWAKEMAN: So about these recent phenomena. Who is causing it all??

    ALAMORE: Oh, you’d never guess…

    AWAKEMAN: …Bono?

    ALAMORE: No.

    Panel 2

    AWAKEMAN: Anonymous?

    ALAMORE: No.

    AWAKEMAN: Sarah Palin?

    ALAMORE: No.

    AWAKEMAN: Good Hitler?

    ALAMORE: No.

    AWAKEMAN: Scientologists?

    ALAMORE: No.

    AWAKEMAN: Space Hitler?

    ALAMORE: No!

    AWAKEMAN: You?

    ALAMORE: No…

    AWAKEMAN: The Westboro Baptist Church?

    ALAMORE: No!

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: Ok, who is it?

    ALAMORE: It’s Science Jesus!!

    AWAKEMAN: Ell Oh Ell, no seriously who is it?

    ALAMORE: …

    AWAKEMAN: …I knew it!!

    Awakeman raises their arms victoriously!