Permalink link Published 15 March 2009

Metaphorically speaking

Awakeman! comic

Well that makes the mental image so much more bearable!

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    Panel 1

    NARRATOR: Three minutes and fourteen seconds later…

    Awakeman confronts Science Jesus in the field. Science Jesus has long hair, a white lab coat, glasses, and is standing next to a conical flask with some mysterious contents. We know this character is Science Jesus because someone has conveniently written “(Science Jesus)” in the grassy field below Science Jesus.

    AWAKEMAN: Ok bucko. What’s the big idea?

    SCIENCE JESUS: Isn’t it obvious?

    Panel 2

    SCIENCE JESUS: The Fork Moose are an endangered species…somebody has to save them from Alamore’s foreshore development plans!

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: That scum! What is he building?

    SCIENCE JESUS: Uh…..Think “Tub Girl” but with oil instead of orange juice!

    Science Jesus raises their arms to emphasise the point.