Permalink link Published 11 March 2016

Caring is Quitting

Awakeman! comic

The first rule of politics club is trust me, I’m trustworthy and wouldn’t lie about the first rule of politics club.

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman and Alamore continue their conversation about the town council, Major Condiment and Library Wizard.


    ALAMORE: So, we kick them out.

    AWAKEMAN: But how?

    ALAMORE: By the book. Legitimately.

    AWAKEMAN (thinking to themself): That’s a relief.

    Panel 2

    AWAKEMAN (off panel): What do you mean?

    ALAMORE (off panel): We hold a secret town meeting and vote them out. Not actually secret, we just “forget” to invite them, and stack the rest of the votes.

    We see a General Notice of the form published in the classifieds section of a newspaper. It reads: “SEEKRUT TOWN MEETING - Sept 31, 7pm. Don’t tell Maj. Condiment or Libr. Wizard. Free refreshments.”

    ALAMORE: Then we just need one more thing…someone to elect!

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: Wh–oh no. Me? No.

    ALAMORE: Who better?

    AWAKEMAN: Anyone!

    ALAMORE: Don’t you care?

    AWAKEMAN: Caring is why I resigned in protest!