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Train of Thought Now Departing Platform 2

Awakeman! comic
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    Panel 1

    We once again see Awakeman and Alamore facing one another talking, this time peeking through the scrub.

    NARRATION: Alamore proposing installing Awakeman as mayor of town.


    Awakeman walks off. Alamore seems to almost close his eyes.

    Panel 2

    Awakeman’s phone rings, and they answer.

    AWAKEMAN: Hello?

    ALAMORE (quickly, without a gap): I figured I’d give convincing you to become mayor another shot, you know it’s really a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be mayor, but of course you’re so smart and handsome you’d be elected normally so it’s not like we’re rigging anything, we can make the changes Condiment and Wizard never had the balls to do, you can do so much in fact you will get such a good leadership experience from this I have no idea why you never actually nominated for mayor, it’s strange, you’re so talented you have natural leadership talent and just think about the changes we could make we could really establish this town’s infrastructure and build up a whole organisation again you’d be jumping at this if you went to a private school instead of that state school nonsense, they have programs that teach you leadership programs and really would have helped someone with your skills and raw ability to realise their potential anyway I believe this needs to be done so I’ve submitted the paperwork for nomination, all I need is your agreement, right? You will do it, you won’t let me and everybody else down? I know you have the moral fibre and backbone to do what needs to be done and look if its not you then it’ll be someone else, nature abhors a vacuum, nobody will stand for those two trying to run this like a miniature dictatorship. They’ve caused so much damage and did you know they’re not even residents of this town! Yes I know about the heroic deeds and the medal award but really it was time for them to move on, you know, time they found something else to do with their lives, and it’ll be for the better! I bet Condiment wouldn’t know what to do with all her spare time once she’s no longer mayor. Anyway you’ll make a wonderful mayor, just say it with me, Mayor Awakeman, it’ll be a surefire hit. I’ve already bought bowls of chips and some cola for the inauguration and it’d be a real waste for you to not become mayor. So will you please please reconsider? I’ve gone to such lengths for this.


    Awakeman pauses breifly, then:

    AWAKEMAN: I’ll think about it. Bye!

    An audible click from the phone heralds the call ending.

    Panel 3

    Awakeman is walking gradually toward a train plaform.

    AWAKEMAN (thinking to themselves): No.

    Under some streetlights…

    AWAKEMAN (thinking to themselves): No.

    Down some stairs…

    AWAKEMAN (thinking to themselves): No.

    On Plaform 2, near a bench on which to sit. Awakeman turns around and looks at the posters behind them.

    The poster on the left reads “Chocolate EMBRACE Icecream”, showing a sweet, appetising chocolate icecream on a stick.

    The poster on the right features three armored, cloaked, gun-toting computer game characters with their backs facing forward. The title reads “DESTINY”.