Permalink link Published 9 July 2016


Awakeman! comic

I like to make tings difficult for myself, so I invented an alphabet that doesn’t fit very nicely into existing Unicode. Sorry.

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    Panel 1

    Awakeman is lying flat on their back, on what might be some kind of stone slab, and squints and looks around without moving.

    AWAKEMAN: Hello?

    A robed figure is standing a few metres away.

    ROBED FIGURE: ᒬ<|◹

    Panel 2

    Awakeman sits up.

    ROBED FIGURE: ┌┘⟋ ᔀ>╚Ґ <Ґᔀ ⟔⟋|⟍ ◹┌⟋<|⟋⚬

    There is a statue of another robed figure on a hexagonal base, holding a vase that is pouring water into a fountain. In the background is a dark patterned wall with a hexagonal window. The robed figure continues expositing on something.

    ROBED FIGURE: ⟔⟋┌<ᐴ• ᒲ>∟•⟔⟋ |<⊤⟋ ┼⟋⟔⟋⚬ ⟔⟋|⟍⚬

    Panel 3

    AWAKEMAN: Who are you and how did I get here?

    ROBED FIGURE: ┘ ┼<דּ⟋ Ґ> ┘ᔀ⟋< ╚┼<⟍ ┌<Ґᒬ∟<ᒬ⟋ ᒲ>∟ |◹⟍<┐⚬

    AWAKEMAN: I have no idea what language that is. Hrrnngh… Think!